The Wyoming Legislature met virtually on January 12 to do such things as elect leadership, adopt rules, and refer some bills to committees.  Committees will meet January 19, 20, and 21 to consider those bills.  The Legislature will reconvene via Zoom January 27-February 5 and refer more bills to committees on February 5.  The Legislature will then reconvene (possibly in person) March 1-April 2.  The session schedule is available at the legislative website (

Bills are being filed and include proposals such as “Born alive infant-means of care” (Senate File 34) and “Abortion-informed consent” (House Bill 70).  To see bill activity, watch the legislature in action, and provide input to legislators, visit the legislative website (

To see bills which NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming is opposing or supporting, visit the Wyoming Legislature section of our website.  Be sure you’re on our e-mail list for updates and action alerts; contact us at or via the Contact section of our website (please include your city/state along with your name and e-mail address).


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