The Senate Revenue Committee will meet via Zoom on January 19 at 1:30 P.M. to consider and take public testimony on Senate File No. SF0027 “Essential health product dignity act.”  NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming supports this bill.

  • It would remove the sales tax on feminine hygiene products and diapers.
  • Products (and services) related to reproductive health should be affordable.
  • Ensuring that products are affordable for everyone who needs them increases access.  This access affects a person’s freedom to work, study, stay healthy, and engage in the world with basic dignity.
  • Increased access to an adequate supply of appropriate feminine hygiene products can reduce the incidence of reproductive tract infections that may lead to negative pregnancy outcomes or make individuals more susceptible to acquiring sexually transmitted infections.  Using inserted materials for longer than recommended can lead to toxic shock syndrome, which can require a hysterectomy or even be fatal.
  • Individuals who choose to become parents should receive the support they need to adequately care for young children, including having access to reasonably priced diapers.

These are the e-mail addresses for the five Senators on the Senate Revenue Committee:

  1. Senator Cale Case (Committee Chair) –
  2. Senator Fred Baldwin –
  3. Senator Tom James –
  4. Senator Stephan Pappas –
  5. Senator Wendy Schuler –

To testify during the January 19 Zoom meeting, sign up at the legislature’s website (  The meeting will be livestreamed on the legislature’s YouTube channel (available at

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