The Wyoming Legislature met virtually on January 12, met again virtually January 27-February 5, reconvened March 1, and will continue meeting in person until the first part of April.  The session schedule is available at the legislative website (

Bills include proposals such as “Born alive infant-means of care” (Senate File 34), “Abortion-informed consent” (House Bill 70), “Homicide amendments” (Senate File 96), “No abortion after heartbeat” (House Bill 134), “Prohibiting abortifacients and chemical abortions” (Senate File 133), “Human life equality-prohibiting discriminatory abortions” (House Bill 161), “Human life protection act” (House Bill 235), and “University of Wyoming-ban on funding for abortion” (House Bill 253).  To see bill activity, watch the legislature in action, and provide input to legislators, visit the legislative website (

To see bills which NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming is opposing or supporting, visit the Wyoming Legislature section of our website.  Be sure you’re on our email list for updates and action alerts; contact us by emailing or by using the Contact or “Add You Name” section of our website (please include your city/state along with your name and e-mail address).


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