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Wyoming has 30 Senate Districts and 60 House Districts.  Each Wyoming resident has one Senator and one Representative.  To locate your Senator and Representative and get their contact information, visit the website for the Wyoming Legislature.

The 2021 Wyoming Legislature is conducting business through April 2.  See the session schedule for details.

NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming is closely monitoring legislative activity.  These are the bills we are opposing or supporting, and we will be taking appropriate action as the legislative session unfolds.

  • House Bill No. HB0070, “Abortion-informed consent.”  We oppose this bill.  It interferes with the doctor-patient relationship, singles out one medical procedure (abortion) for mandated counseling and penalties for nonconformance, and promotes a false narrative about informed consent and abortion safety.
  • Senate File No. SF0034, “Born alive infant-means of care.”  We oppose this bill.  It unnecessarily modifies an existing Wyoming Statute regarding “Means of treatment for viable abortion,” inserts political interference into family decisions, advances a false narrative regarding abortion in Wyoming, and stigmatizes physicians.
  • Senate File No. SF0096, “Homicide amendments.”  We oppose this bill.  It creates new crimes of first- and second-degree murder for killing or attempting to kill a pregnant person, and it effectively establishes fetal personhood by defining a “child in utero” as a member of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development.
  • House Bill No. HB0134, “Human heartbeat protection act.”  We oppose this bill.  It bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy (before many people even know they are pregnant).
  • Senate File No. SF0133, “Prohibiting abortifacients and chemical abortions.”  We oppose this bill.  It unconstitutionally bans medication (so-called “RU 486”) abortions.
  • House Bill No. HB0161, “Human life equality-prohibiting discriminatory abortions.”  We oppose this bill.  It prohibits abortions done for certain reasons thereby inserting political interference into family decisions and intruding on the doctor-patient relationship.
  • House Bill No. HB0137, “Medicaid birth cost recovery-repeal.”  We support this bill.  It repeals a law requiring the State to recover Medicaid birth costs from the father of the child.  The costs of this law exceed the benefits, and a woman’s Medicaid health care coverage can be jeopardized for failure to help establish paternity.
  • Senate File No. SF0033, “Physician assistants amendments.”  We support this bill.  It expands the scope of practice for physician assistants, thus enhancing access to health care.
  • Senate File No. SF0027, “Essential health product dignity act.”  We supported this bill, which would have removed the sales tax on feminine hygiene products and diapers, thereby promoting better reproductive health access and choice.  The Senate Revenue Committee considered and voted on this bill during a virtual Zoom meeting on January 19, and the bill failed (therefore, it will not move forward for additional consideration).