Sample Letter to the Editor


Below you will find sample wording to help you get started, but you should always personalize and customize any letter you submit for publishing.

Dear Editor,

There are several bills currently being brought before the Legislature; SF ___, SF___HB___, and HB___.
They are all anti-choice bills, which would allow the Wyoming government to make medical decisions for women. These bills would strip women of their reproductive rights and freedom.
In Wyoming, we pride ourselves on being independent. We do not like big government telling us what to do. We do not like government overreach. These bills allow the government to get between women and their doctors, and interfere with private, difficult, and sensitive medical decisions.
In Wyoming, we have a long history of strong women—women who helped found our state, who have kept it running, and who have also worked hard, raised their families, and held their communities together. These bills are an insult to the strength of the women of our state. Women do not need anybody telling them how to live their lives or make decisions about the way they plan their families.
I would ask that anybody who cares about the women and girls in our state please contact your Legislators and tell them to vote against all these oppressive and unnecessary bills.
For more information about how you can help defeat these bills, please go to
Thank you.
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