2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 session of the Wyoming Legislature started January 10 and is scheduled to last through March 3.  Things are moving quickly, and there is a wealth of information on the Legislature’s website.

These are some of the noteworthy bills:

  • House Bill No. HB0117 “Abortion amendments.”  This bill would repeal Wyoming’s abortion ban enacted in 2022 (temporarily enjoined by the court and the subject of ongoing litigation).  HB0117 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee but has not been scheduled for a hearing/vote.
  • House Bill No. HB0152 “Life is a Human Right Act.”  This sweeping, 19-page manifesto goes beyond the current, near-total abortion ban to make it even more difficult for someone to access abortion care.  The House Judiciary Committee passed HB0152, and the bill will now go to the full House for consideration.
  • Senate File No. SF0109 “Prohibiting chemical abortions.”  This bill outlaws many abortion drugs, i.e., outlaws medication (“RU486”) abortions in Wyoming (even though those abortions are already banned under the current law that is on hold due to court action).  SF0109 has passed in the Wyoming Senate and is awaiting consideration in the Wyoming House.
  • Senate Joint Resolution No. SJ0009 “Right of individual privacy-constitutional amendment.”  If passed by two-thirds of the Senate and House and approved by the Governor, this resolution would put a constitutional amendment on the 2024 ballot for a vote by the electors:  “The right of individual privacy is essential to the well-being of a free society and shall not be infringed.”  The Senate Judiciary Committee passed SJ0009, and the measure has now gone to the full State Senate for consideration.
  • Senate Joint Resolution No. SJ0010, “Right of health care access-constitutional amendment.”  This resolution proposed putting a constitutional amendment on the 2024 ballot for a vote by the electors — to eliminate current constitutional language that allows the Legislature to impose restrictions on a person’s right to make health care decisions.  SJ0010 was defeated in a vote by the Senate Labor, Health & Social Services Committee and will not receive further consideration during the legislative session.
  • House Bill No. HB0034, “School finance-mental health services.”  On January 27, this bill was amended to include anti-abortion language.  HB0034 has passed in the Wyoming House and has gone to the Wyoming Senate for consideration.