Birth Control

Pro-Choice Wyoming believes people should have choices about whether and when to become pregnant. Preventing unintended pregnancy is critically important.

Family planning information, services, and products are available many places.  These include physicians’ and clinicians’ medical practices, family planning clinicspublic health clinics, community health centers, and pharmacies.

Information about various birth control products is likewise available from many sources.  These include the Reproductive Health Access Project and the Wyoming Health Council.

Health care plans under the Affordable Care Act must cover preventive health services, including birth control. However, there are provisions for religious exemptions that unfortunately allow some employers to evade this requirement.

Additionally, some insurance companies may be trying to make people pay for contraceptive services.  The National Women’s Law Center has a hotline, CoverHer, to help people who are having trouble getting access to preventive health services – especially birth control – at no cost to them.