Writing to Officials

To learn about Wyoming legislation being proposed, please go to https://wyoleg.gov


Writing to your Elected Officials

Writing letters to elected officials is a valuable way to share your feelings about issues and to provide officials with information they may not otherwise be aware of.

Here are a few tips for effective letter-writing:

  1. Be honest and factual. It is helpful to cite sources for the facts you are using to support your position. Remember to give credit for quotes or information you are using. Never plagiarize!

  2. Be courteous. You can make your point without using insults or anger. You are more likely to develop an ongoing dialogue with an official if you are respectful.

  3. Keep it brief. Letters should be no more than one page and should cover only one issue. A shorter, more concise letter is more likely to be read and receive attention.

  4. State who you are and what you want. State that you are a constituent, and when possible what specific bill/policy you support or oppose, and why. Also, ask them to take a specific action. For example, ask them to vote against a bill, or to consider changing their stance on a policy.

  5. Use two or three points to support your position. Provide information to support those points.

  6. Tell your story. Personalizing your letter with an experience you have had, and explaining how it affected you, can be very effective in persuading an official to consider your position.

  7. Make sure that you include your name and city so the official knows that you live in their district.

  8. Finally, before you hit “Send” or mail your letter, spell-check and grammar-check your letter. If you are writing your letter by hand, have someone else proofread it for you.



Contacting your Legislator

If you need to find out who your Legislator is, or how to contact them, please go to: https://wyoleg.gov/Legislators

Your Legislator’s email address will be in the following format:

[email protected]


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