Writing Letters to the Editor

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Writing a Letter to the Editor Opposing Anti-Choice Bills

Writing a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper not only allows you to share your voice, but it also helps to educate your neighbors about issues they may not be aware of. A well-written letter can help others to engage in action to work against anti-choice legislation.

Here are a few tips to help you write an effective letter to the Editor. (Thanks in part to Chelsea’s Fund and the ACLU)

  1. Feel free to state your opinion. You may also share facts and statistics about your topic if you wish. Make sure you cite your sources and give credit if using quotes. Never plagiarize.

  2. Be respectful. Insults or vulgarity can keep readers from wanting to learn about your message.

  3. Make sure that your letter fits within the maximum word count for the newspaper to which you are submitting your letter. Please see below for a list of Wyoming newspapers and their word limits.

  4. Make a reference to the newspaper if possible or necessary. Some newspapers will only print letters that refer to a specific article. Look over the letters to the Editor in your local paper. Doing so will give you an idea as to whether that is the case or not.

  5. Stick to one topic. A clear and concise message is easier for readers to read and understand.

  6. Personalize your letter. Telling a story about your experiences can help others empathize with your position and may help them to choose to take action.

  7. Ask others to act. Ask them to contact their Legislators, or to help in other ways.

  8. Be sure to include your contact information. Most newspapers want verification of identity and address. Your phone number and address will not be published—only your name and city/state.

  9. Before you mail or email your letter, make sure that you proofread it carefully, or use spell-check and grammar-check.



Wyoming has about three dozen local newspapers. The Casper Star-Tribune has statewide readership, and some of the larger cities’ papers have regional readership. Most newspapers now have an online feature at their website where you can submit a letter.



Gillette News Record (300 word limit)


Wyoming Tribune Eagle (350 word limit)


Casper Star-Tribune (350 word limit)


Jackson Hole News & Guide (400 word limit)


The Sheridan Press (450 word limit)


Laramie Boomerang (350 word limit)


Rocket Miner (250 word limit)


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